Zero Emissions Compromise

Zero Emissions

The Spanish Course has achieve most of its sustainable energy targets:

  1. We believe, biomass energy is the optimal source for heating our house. The CO2 emissions from our pellet stoves, Aga style cooker and wood burner are absorbed by the growing trees in local sustainable forests.
  2. We have opted for clean transport too and now we move around with our 100% electric drive Smart for Four, the first electric car in Puente Viesgo.
  3. We grow our own vegetables and fruits in our garden. Apart from Merche being a great cook, our meals success is based on using our own or local products.
  4. We also feed local animals and compost our organic waste.
  5. Our next project is to install solar panels in our house roof to be more energy efficient.

Biomass Cycle


Our Reduced CO2 emissions